Terms of service

Collection of Information

While signing up for us clients could be asked for credentials like name, email address, and credit card information. Information related to the particular social media account i.e, profile name, handle name, etc would also be collected for certain tasks. We transparently collect all the information and only use the information that clients provide to us.

Why Do We Need The Information?

The collected information can be used for either of the aforementioned purposes:

To Process Transactions

We ask for banking information to process transactions for our services. The information would not be used for any other purpose.

To Send Promotional Email

We strive to make our services better for our clients and introduce new services periodically. We must let our clients know about new services that can benefit them. The email address or the phone number can be used to send promotional messages to clients.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

The privacy of our clients is highly valuable to us and we have employed a layer of security to maintain that. All of our servers are secure and encrypted which means no third party can steal information while it is being transferred. Sensitive information like bank credentials or credit card information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer technology. This information can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

We do not store banking credentials or credit card information on our servers. Once the transaction is complete, the information is deleted from the server to minimize the risks of theft. It is why you would have to provide these credentials for every new transaction.


Cookies are files that websites and service providers transmit to clients’ devices via browsers. It enables the websites and service providers to recognize clients and provide information that can benefit them. We also collect the cookies which help us remember the services our clients have availed of. It makes us understand the client’s preferences and save them for their future visits. Information obtained from cookies can also be used to market services that might be valuable for clients.

Sharing of Information

We do not trade, sell or share the information with outside parties but might share it with third parties that assist us in making our services better. The companies we have partnered with protect the information and do not share it with any other party for profit. We may also release the details of our clients to law enforcement agencies when it is appropriate to protect the security of our website, and the rights and safety of others. Non-Identifiable visitor information might also be provided to third parties for advertising, marketing, or simply profits.

Third-Party Links

We offer a variety of services to our clients and sometimes we have to rely on third parties to satisfy our clients. Whenever the services of a third party are hired, the company will let the users know and upon signing up with them, it would be considered that the client has agreed to the terms of services of that particular party. You can read the terms of service at the respective websites of those parties.


The services of our company are reputed but we do not make or imply any warranty. It negates all the other warranties that might be provided or implied to our clients from another source. It includes warranties without limitations, merchantability, and non-infringement of intellectual property. Warranties would be valid only if they are provided by the company itself.


We try our best to protect the information of our valuable clients. But we are not liable for damages that might be caused because of loss or theft of data, a mistake by one of our employees, and business interruption. We are also not liable for any damages caused to our clients by our partners be it financial, reputational, or emotional.  

Revisions and Errata

All the services that are advertised on our website can include technical, photographic, or typographical errors. We do not guarantee that the services would be exactly as they are advertised. Clients are advised to get in contact with the company representatives to clear all the ambiguities before signing up with us. 


  • We are not affiliated with any social media website. It is the sole responsibility of our clients to ensure they are complying with the respective social media platforms. We would not be responsible if one of our services leads to suspension, termination, or any disciplinary action from the respective social media website. 

  • The number of subscribers, likes, and views that are advertisements is based on certain estimates which cannot always be right. If our services fail to meet the exact number that is advertised on our website for any of our services, the company would not be responsible. We are not liable for refunds in these cases as well.

  • It is the responsibility of clients to ensure their social media posts are set to the public while using our services. The company would not be liable to any downtown if the clients fail to do so.

  • Upon signing up with us, the clients agree that they understand and agree to what they are availing of. The client cannot file a fraud claim to the payment processor if the service fails to meet the expectations.

  • The company reserves the right to suspend, withdraw and modify the part or whole of the services that are being provided to the clients. The company does not have to issue any notification to the clients and would not be liable for damages caused by a change in services.