Refund Policy

The refunding process at YTSubscribers is not daunting or complicated. Instead, it is the easiest one as compared to other YouTube service-providing companies, websites, and applications. But to keep everything aligned and not confusing. We have mentioned our refund policy in detail here. 

Non-Tangible Services

Our services are irrevocable as well as non-tangible. This is the first thing you as a customer should know about us. 

Customer Support 

Refund policies are handled with care by our experienced and extremely professional team members. 99.9% of all such problems are discussed with the customer support representative. The rep solves all your issues and worries related to the services bought over an email. This is done so that everything remains in writing and is to be relied on in the future.

However, this is our request to reach out through customer support. Mostly, our representatives take a couple of minutes to get back to you on live chat. When it comes to replying to an email, it at times takes up to 24 hours to solve the dispute or concern. 

Refund Requests 

There are different situations and scenarios in which you can ask for a refund. 

Package is Not Delivered 

Some packages are big which is the reason it takes more time for us to deliver them in a couple of minutes. If that is the case, we suggest you do not wait for longer than mentioned time in the package. Consult our representative and discuss the progress. It will help you know the exact or estimated time frame in which the chosen package will be delivered. However, if you have decided to claim a refund. Then, an email explaining the entire case will be appreciated. Upon receiving the email. You have to wait for our reply which usually takes up to 7 working days. In the reply, you will get to know our verdict. Please note you have to report to us within 7 days of the date of purchasing the package. 

Wrong Product is Delivered 

If you have received a package that was not according to its description. Then, contact us without wasting time. It is because the boundary you have to meet in order to get the refund is to let us know about the problem within 5 days of the date of purchasing the order. We will need clear evidence and proof along with your claim before requesting a refund. The proof should be regarding the description is wrong and doesn’t match the order you have received. Please note you will not be able to get the refund if the evidence is not provided. 

Cancellation of the Order Placed

In situations where you select auto-subscribers, or views package. It becomes necessary for you to know that the mentioned number of subscribers, comments, views, and watch time will be provided on the same date as your first order. However, if you don’t need the same plan for the next month. Then please contact our support team. They will cancel your subscription plan right away. Please note for cancellation, you will need to let us know before the start of the next month. 

Refund Policy for Subscriptions 

If you subscribed to one or more than one packages. And for some reason, it didn’t satisfy your YouTube’s needs. Or there is any other reason for not liking the services provided. You have all the right to get a full refund. But make sure you contact us with the reason for unsubscribing to our packages. Once you have given us the reasons within 5 days of the date when you purchased the subscription. We will give you a full refund. With that, we will also suspend all your packages. 

Clause #1: If you reach us after 5 days, you will not be eligible for a refund. 

Clause #2: We will check and review your plans before deciding to refund or not.