How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

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How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

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YouTube stars are today’s self-made celebrities it is because these people have earned an audience by creating video content for them to educate, entertain, give reviews, and be awesome on the web. Earning from a YouTube channel might not be your priority when you are starting a channel, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you know how many opportunities this platform gives to its users. Several ways are available to earn a lot of money from your YouTube channel. Your audience is your actual key to unlocking the earning potential of your YouTube channel. Making a YouTube channel is similar to the creation of multiple revenue streams through the side hustles, that help you make money on YouTube.

How many subscribers do you need to earn money on YouTube?

Content creators on YouTube don't need hundreds or thousands of subscribers to get them monetized on YouTube or turn their channel into a lucrative side hustle. By following these simple conditions, you can easily enable YouTube monetization on your channel.

  • To start making money from YouTube, you must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. To apply and qualify for this program, creators must have achieved 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on their videos in the period of a year.

  • The other condition of this program is the creator must have 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views on their short videos within 90 days.

Once you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program you immediately get monetized and get ads filtered through Google's AdSense program along with more subscriptions, and channel memberships.

How to join YouTube Partner Program?

Joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization is a vital step even though you want to earn money without creating videos or as a content creator. To achieve this, you have to be agreed with all of YouTube’s monetization policies only then you can apply for monetization once you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. YTSubscribers is providing growth services for YouTube channels.

Here’s how to monetize your YouTube channel:

  • Sign in to the YouTube account.

  • Click the icon for your account.

  • Tap on YouTube Studio.

  • Then select Other Features > Monetization.

  • Read and agree to the YouTuber Partner Program regulations and eligibility criteria.

  • Create a new Google AdSense account or connect an existing one.

  • Set your preferences for monetization.

Once you are done, just head back to the dashboard and click the Analytics tab from there you’ll need to choose Revenue from the tabs at the top, then scroll down to the chart your Estimated Revenue monthly.

How to get bonuses from YouTube?

Aside from the Partner Program, YouTube content creators can also receive a bonus between $100 and $10,000 a month for posting short-form videos. YouTube will be sharing the revenue earned from shorts with the creators from the beginning of next year.

Also, YouTube is launching another tier of the Partner Program next year, which tends to offer lower thresholds of eligibility for lives, long-form, and Shorts creators. The eligibility criteria for this program are not however disclosed yet. According to this program, the creators will not be able to get monetize with ads rather, they will only gain access to fan-funded monetization tools.

Google-placed ads are the most effective way to earn directly from YouTube.

There are various types of ads are listed below which you can include in your YouTube videos:

  1. Display ads, this ad appears on the upper right side of your video and above the video suggestions list. 

  2. Overlay ads, this is a type of ad that appears as a banner within the lower portion of your YouTube video. 

  3. Bumper ads are the non-skippable ads any audience must have to watch before your video. These ads last for about 6 seconds. 

  4. Sponsored cards, such types of cards display video content that is relevant to your video, and they are located on the right side of your video. 

  5. Mid-roll ads, the ads that can be placed in videos over 10 minutes long and can be both skippable and non-skippable ads, totally depending on the creator’s choice.

Once these ads start running, the creator receives a check in the mail from YouTube after these ads have earned an amount of $100.

Reasons why your content is excluded from ads revenue:

Many YouTube content creators fear that, due to the nature of their content, they would lose out on the advertising revenue that is supporting their channel.

According to YouTube regulations, your content could be eliminated from ad revenue if it includes:

  • Content based on sexuality like Sexually suggestive content, containing partial nudity or sexual humor.

  • Content displaying severe injury, violence, or other events related to violent extremism

  • Usage of inappropriate languages such as including harassment, profanity, and vulgar language

  • Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling/purchasing, usage, or abuse of such items

  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events such as political conflicts, or tragedies, even if the graphic is not shown.

YouTube has been demonetizing content that it doesn’t find advertiser-friendly since 2012 by using an automated process and it has been implemented without warning or made acknowledged by the content creator.

Luckily, for now, the situation is better, as creators are notified when their content is flagged and can fix it any time if they feel that their video was mistakenly excluded from the advertising network YouTube. To keep it short, YouTubers must explore other revenue streams to sustain their content creation hobby.

How much money do content creators make on YouTube?

For every 1,000 ad views, advertisers pay a certain rate to YouTube (CPM) from which YouTube takes 45% and the creator gets the rest of the amount. Revenue per mile (RPM) which is the central monetization metric of YouTube, shows how much revenue a creator earns per every 1,000 views after the deduction done by YouTube. Some content categories, like personal finance or cryptocurrency, can boost a creator's ad rate to a great extent by attracting a lucrative audience.

Wrap Up:

What compels most creators to create is rarely money and it is the thought of making something for the enjoyment of the world. Several famous YouTubers started with such humble beginnings. But ironically, that puts them in an amazing position of making a lot of money in a content-obsessed world. As we know the hardest part for many businesses is to get and keep the attention of their audience and it seems that YouTubers have already figured that out. All that’s required is to get creative and channel the entrepreneurial drive to explore ideas to drive success with passion. If you keep on putting all your energies into it, your hard work and knowledge are surely going to turn your subscribers into your income.

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