How to Start an Automated YouTube Channel

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How to Start an Automated YouTube Channel

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YouTube has given us a lot to make passive income. We are thankful to understand them, make money, and live a good lifestyle. But recently, something called “YouTube Automated Channel” has been trending. 

The concept of not showing face on a YouTube channel and making hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue is familiar. Yes, YouTube trends are indeed something we can’t ignore. That’s why the hype of cash flow channels is getting real. 

What makes this business model exceptionally good? How soon does it get monetized? What are the reasons and importance of automated YouTube channels? All these questions, along with other related topics, are covered in this blog. 

Let’s see what else is discussed. 

What is a YouTube Automation?

Interestingly, unlike YouTube creators, you are the business owner on the YouTube channels after opting for “YouTube automation.” In other words, you are not a creator but a business owner. You will not be recording anything with gadgets like a camera. Your faceless videos will not even need an influencer. You will love this business model because of all the perks it offers. 

However, it is one of those passive income business models that generate $$$$ independently. You might need a team to run the automated channel. Initially, you can do everything yourself. 

You will surely need to complete research, script, content creation, and in the end, publishing the video. If you think it is a lot to handle, believe us, there are many third-party services that can help you grow!

How to Create a YouTube Automation Channel?

Now that you know what a YouTube Automated channel is, it’s time to go a little deeper – learn how to create a channel from scratch. 

See, there are 3 essential steps to cover and manage a YouTube channel that doesn’t have your face, etc. 

Step #1: Select a Niche 

The automated YouTube channel is also referred to as a “cow channel.” The first step in making this sort of channel is to find the niche. 

However, before searching for a niche, you should know the criteria. This will help make the channel monetized and get organic views and other engagement metrics. 

If you are new to the automation channel, let us walk you down the niche criteria. 

It is a must for you to have the following elements in your niche. 

  • Evergreen Niche: Your niche should stay forever. If you choose something that might not be needed after 5 or 10 years from now. There will be zero growing factor. Also, it is best to opt for a niche that is not hyped only in trending. It means the chosen niche should have its worth even when it is not trending. 
  • Viral Videos: Existing viral content on the niche chosen will allow you to get ranked on YouTube easily. It will also help you in getting monetized. So, instead of choosing a cliché macro niche, select a micro niche that has the potential to grow in less time. 
  • Monetization Through Different Methods: The third rule of thumb for selecting a niche is based on various ways of monetizing the channel. This includes the affiliate program, the old school method of YouTube partner program, etc. 
  • High CPM Rates: Remember, getting the best CPM rates is a must. If you are unsure what is considered “good CPM (cost per impression),” let us tell you that CPM is checked with 1000 impressions. 

Step #2: Do a Thorough Research 

Now that the niche has been selected, it is time to do deep research. The first step in this step is to look for the sources (YouTube channels) that already have made faceless or automated YouTube channels. 

  • Search and analyze other channels to know the level of competition.
  • To complete the research, you must follow the drill discussed below. 
  1. Write the niche on the YouTube search bar. 
  2. Check a number of channels that already have published content on the same niche. 
  3. Make a list of all topics covered in an automated YouTube channel. 
  4. Create videos, reels, and other content compared to what other channels have published. 
  5. Also, make a list of 10 competitors. Compete with one channel at a time. By competing, we don’t mean to have exact videos with exact words. Just take inspiration from them, nothing else.

Step #3: Create Faceless Videos 

After finding a niche and thorough research, it’s time to create some content. Keep in mind that you have mainly two options to create videos. Either they are long-form videos that can be anything from 3 to 20 minutes. Or these videos can be short forms called reels (they last from 30 to 60 seconds). 

Tips to Remember While Publishing Your First Automated Video on YouTube Channel 

Tip #1: YouTube SEO for Automated Channels 

SEO of YouTube videos and channels includes keyword research, meta tags, transcription, translation, and certain other factors that help in increasing reach and visibility. Try this tip to observe magnificent results. 

Tip #2: Aesthetically Beautiful Thumbnails 

A video without a thumbnail will never attract an audience as much as it will with a thumbnail. So, get attractive thumbnails to define your videos. See the traction and engagement rate on videos with and without a thumbnail. 

Tip #3: Know Everything About Targeted Audience 

Another tip by the experts for automated YouTube channels is to know the finest details of the targeted audience. It means you should know about the preferences, likes, dislikes, behavioral patterns, the right time to post the content, etc. 

Tip #4: Create a Content Calendar 

Also, it comes from the expert YouTubers with a cash cow method of making money to rely on content calendars. It helps in several ways. For example, with the help of a calendar, you know what to create, when to post, how to create, etc. 

Tip #5: Offer Valuable Videos 

Always offer something which is not scripted or written by your competitors. That way you will get more views, likes, shares, comments, and subscribers.

Is it a Good Decision to Start an Automated YouTube Channel?

Considering the various methods available, is starting an automated YouTube channel a good decision? We've explored some of the main advantages and disadvantages of embarking on a cash cow channel.

Advantages of Starting an Automated YouTube Channel 

It would help if you started an automated YouTube channel for a couple of reasons. We have mentioned four of them below.

Advantage #1: A Good Source of Passive Income

YouTube's automated channel can become the perfect source of passive income. Yes, the revenue generated without being active for a defined number of hours on particular days. When you opt for creating an automated channel, two things happen. First, you streamline goals and challenges for the team helps in bringing passive income. Second, this is something for which you need to hire a team on payroll. Instead, you can hire freelancers who can complete their jobs and get paid. That indeed allows you to focus on the activities you adore! 

Advantage #2: No Need to Show Your Face

The main catch of these YouTube channels is you don't have to come in front of the camera. That's why all those who are camera shy or not ready to go on camera for any reason find creating a channel without a face helpful. Interestingly, all that you present in the videos is anything except your face. Such channels and videos help in maintaining privacies. 

Advantage #3: Freedom as a YouTube Creator

YouTube's automated channels and videos don't rely on any limitations seen in traditional YouTube channels. You are not bound to involve influencers in the growing phase. Also, such channels are faster in creating and publishing content. The main reason for it is the fact that such videos are created as a team. There is nothing like a "single creator."

Advantage #4: Saves Energy and Increases Efficiency 

Why are cash cows or automated YouTube channels hyped all of a sudden? Well, it is because of two reasons. First, there are so many tools out there that automatically create content. Now, after the infusion of AI (artificial intelligence) in the online world, creating content is becoming easier. 

Advantage #5: Analysis of Data 

Your videos on an automated YouTube channel are monitored, assessed, and maintained through the help of YouTube Analytics. The tool is in-built and provides all those functions available for other automated systems.

Disadvantages of Starting an Automated YouTube Channel

Some factors might discourage you from starting an automated or cash cow channel.

Disadvantage #1: Automated Channel Takes Time

According to the research and study, an automated YouTube channel takes almost two years to reach monetization requirements. It means the channel takes a lot of time to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time. However, the channel’s niche determines the potential of getting to the maximum reach, visibility, etc. So, if you really want to grow an automated channel, 2 years wait is expected. 

Disadvantage #2: Engagement is of Low Quality 

As a new automated YouTube channel owner, you should know that the tools for making creative videos must include the human touch. If it doesn't have a human feel, you will experience low-quality engagement.

How to Make Money with YouTube Automation? 

There are several ways to make money with YouTube automation. Let’s check them out to know everything around monetization. 

Possible Way #1: Using Free Content from Different Sources

This is the first possible way to create content for the videos. Follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any problems while creating content. 

  • Step #1: Find websites that offer free pictures and video stocks. These websites are usually the ones that offer free usage of footage as well. Use them wisely. 
  • Step #2: After selecting the right picture, footage, or video, don’t forget to edit. Use third-party applications found on Apple Store or Google Play Store. There are some websites too that can help you in editing the videos. 
  • Step #3: Finally, you have to create the video. Add the script in the background without showing your face. This can be a reel or even a long-form YouTube video. 
  • Step #4: Add a thumbnail and complete the video by checking everything. Once everything is sorted, publish your first video! 

Possible Way #2: YPP – YouTube Partner Program 

In this program, the YouTube channel owner gets advertisements through which revenue is generated. YPP is one of the most exciting and rewarding means of getting monetized. So, if you are also an owner of a channel, let it be the regular type or the automated one, this will help you grow financially. However, to generate income from your automated YouTube channel, there should be many videos, proper YouTube SEO, and settings. 

To get the channel monetized, the following requirements should be met. Subscribers and watch time should meet the numbers in the last year. 

  • Subscribers = 1,000 
  • Watch hours = 4,000 

The criteria differ for shorts. You must have the following metrics. Remember, these numbers should hit in the last 90 days. 

  • Subscribers = 1,000
  • Views = 10,000,000

Possible Way #3: Buy a YouTube Channel 

Interestingly, the channel is profitable when you opt for one of the two options. First, you buy and then sell a YouTube automated channel. Second, purchase a running channel, rebuild the videos, add new content, etc. This is the safest and most legal method that keeps you away from the risks of getting scammed, banned by YouTube officials, etc. 

How Do I Get Auto Subscribers on YouTube? 

It takes a lot of time to reach the requirements to monetize your automated YouTube channel. Taking a push from a third-party platform would be the easiest way to make it to successful monetization. 

However, we all are aware of the type of scams in the market. We suggest you opt for a third-party website that can handle the hard work during content creation. Keeping that in mind, we recommend YTSubscribers, the only online resource for getting accurate and active YouTube subscribers. 

To know more, check out their YouTube engagement metrics too.

Can I Automate YouTube Views?

Please remember that YouTube doesn’t permit anyone to artificially boost or increase the number of subscribers, likes, comments, etc., on the videos. However, you can automate the process if needed. All you have to prepare and know about is the fact that most of the time, third-party offers these services against steeped subscription fees. Also, they scam the buyer by not providing real and active likes, subscribers, and other metrics. 

But if you choose to take services from YTSubscribers, you will get the same service mentioned in the package. There will be no drop in the likes or subscribers, etc. Your automated channel will avoid the risk of getting banned or deleted by the officials.