How to get more views on YouTube?

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How to get more views on YouTube?

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YouTube has become the second-biggest website and search engine in the world. Let’s explore why it’s so hard to grow your YouTube channel and what you can do to get more views. There is one main reason behind the difficulty in Increasing views on YouTube which is there are so many other videos on this platform. All of them are serving the same purpose as that your video. Every minute, there are hundreds of hours of content that is uploaded to the platform.

YouTube generally accepts replays that are contributed to your total view count without revealing some specific details about them. The theory behind this is provided that if you watch a video for at least 30 seconds and then you refresh it, then later watch it for another 30 seconds or more, this will be counted as two views. But it does not mean you should sit at home all night and artificially inflate your views because that’s not going to be the best use of your time.

Why is it so important to get more YouTube views?

Rather you must focus on making content you are passionate about by knowing the tactics to reach the right audience to get your videos discovered. Always bear in mind that viewers love YouTube and they spend hours watching the videos they like on this platform. Understand the demand of your audience to get more views on YouTube and double down on those videos.

Although there are over 50 million YouTube channels, this platform still hosts more and more creators and provides incredible opportunities for every single of them so that they can build a dedicated audience and generate a huge number of views and subscribers. But it is very important to build an authentic strategy around subscribers and view growth:

  • YouTube wants its audience to stay on the platform

  • If your content keeps viewers around by attracting their attention then YouTube will start to promote your content in search results or 'Suggested Videos

  • Exposure on YouTube leads to more views and a higher growth rate.

  • By increasing your Watch Time and Click-Through Rates you can maximize the chance to appear in the suggested Videos on YouTube.

  • All the above steps are though very important but it takes a lot of knowledge, patience, and dedication to achieve these milestones.

In this blog, we are going to guide you through the top strategies that are needed to get more views on YouTube. So, let’s get started:

  1. Using Lengthy Content

YouTube has prioritized the watch time on videos as the main performance metric, since 2012. It simply means that if a YouTube creator keeps his subscribers and viewers watching for longer content, this will boost his Audience Retention, and also his Watch Time numbers will increase. To monetize video content YouTube Channel needs 4000 hours of watch time, but once this milestone has been achieved then your focus should be maximizing this Watch Time and audience retention numbers furthermore. This, however, doesn’t mean you keep on uploading lengthy videos, you can only extend the length of the video content that works for you. If your target audience is watching and engaging with your content, then you must keep it to 10+ minutes long. Great content that entertains or educates your audience equals a great opportunity to get more views on YouTube.

  1. Using Better Thumbnails

Using a customized thumbnail is one of the best and most effective things you can do for your channel to get views on YouTube. By creating and then uploading unique and compelling customized thumbnails to all of the videos, you can positively impact your click-through rate. When it comes to CTR and YouTube Watch Time, the more you improve these numbers, the more YouTube will reward your content by promoting it. Click-through rate is one of the newest and most powerful analytics on YouTube which is used by all creators. They can measure and benchmark their CTR with a powerful custom thumbnail that encourages the viewer to click through and watch your video.

  1. Utilizing 50% Off View Duration

YouTube wants you to get a maximum number of views for every single video that you upload, and it considers this metric even more important than views because while a click from a viewer is of great importance but it doesn’t tell you for how long somebody is on YouTube. However, the more Watch Time a YouTube channel has, the more ads it can sell to its audience, eventually making more money for both YouTube, and the video creator. So, the greater the number of watch time you have, the more you will be rewarded by YouTube. Audience retention is all about how you keep the interest of your audience captivated throughout your video. All of us want to get that audience retention to as close to 100% as possible, whereas a good benchmark is somewhere around about 50%.

  1. Using Better Storytelling

The ability to tell a great story is one of the most important skills that is mastered by all the most successful YouTubers. They understand the tactics to keep viewers coming back to their YouTube channel by keeping on giving them the content they want. Even if you are truly passionate and an expert in your niche, it still pays huge dividends to create an interesting story around the focus of your video to keep your audience interested and entertained. Every video you publish must have a strong hook and also it should be your primary goal to create a sense of intrigue in your video content to give every viewer a reason to keep watching.

  1. Using better descriptions:

A well-written description will give the world more context about your content. The description box acts as a fantastic micro-site that you can use to boost your video, and also provides more information about you and your channel. We have filtered out 7 Essential Tips and tricks for YouTube Descriptions which you must read, so here is a run-down of how you can write better YouTube descriptions:

1. Use the Right Keywords to be found in the search

2. Add a Subscribe Link in the description

3. Write down detail about your video

4. Adding Time Stamps is a must

5. Add Affiliate Links, if required

6. Optimize your default video uploads

7. Add relevant YouTube Hashtags

  1. Responding to Every Comment

Although you have been filming and editing your video for days, the work isn’t over rather, part of the excitement of publishing your video content is the reaction of your audience who have taken the time to watch your video and then comment on it. You should respect their time and energy by replying to every one of them individually. In case you are getting a lot of comments, fix an hour a day in your routine to respond and engage with those commenters. You could even pin the best comments on the top of the comment section of your videos. If replying to comments feels so overwhelming to you, remind yourself this is where connections begin, it could evolve into collaborations, brand deals, friendships, and more.

  1. Using the Community Tab

The YouTube Community Tab feature is enabled for all channels having over 1,000 subscribers. It has great potential to drive engagement opportunities if you know how to use it the right way. What’s so special about it? That’s true, not every video creator has the time or the capacity to upload a video every day, but the Tab simplifies the way of publishing content every day. By utilizing this you can post status updates, ask questions, post voting polls, and promote videos. As we have often noticed that a well-crafted question or voting poll gets as much engagement, as your videos!

Wrap Up:

There you have 7 interesting and effective ways to get more views on YouTube. In conclusion, First, focus on creating good quality content that your target audience will love. Then do your best to optimize your content and promote your content through other channels as well. Lastly, get involved in your niche community and nurture relationships with your audiences by engaging them in conversations with you. don’t forget to appreciate the most actively reacting viewers of your channel.

Which one of these tactics are you going to use first to get more YouTube views do tell me in the comments below.

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