What Does High LDL Mean? Bad Cholesterols

Having high LDL level is a thing which can be considered risky. Why? Because some diseases are caused by this kind of bad cholesterol. As we know, we need to maintain our healths – especially cholesterol level in normal level. In this case, if LDL has more quantity than HDL, it is inevitable that we are going to face some diseases as the time goes. Here, if you have no idea about What Does High Ldl Mean, what we are going to share with you is very useful. Below, we will give you some information about his bad cholesterol – LDL. Besides, we also give some foods that you can consume to lower this kind of cholesterol. 

The LDL – Bad Cholesterol

Again, LDL is considered as the bad cholesterol. Here, LDL stands for Low-Density Lipoprotein. For the specific cause, this bad cholesterol will give plaques in your arteries. Because of this, the blood’s flow will be interrupted or reduced. Here, this condition will lead your body to face atherosclerosis – which is also known as “the hardening of the arteries”. That’s why, if you have a problem with high LDL levels, there is a possibility that you will get a problem with heart disease and stroke as well. So, if you have a question “does high LDL mean heart disease?”, the answer is yes. Actually, cholesterol exists in our blood. What makes this bad is, when we can’t maintain the level of LDL well.

On the other hand, what does it mean when LDL is high, it has roots from three main factors which can cause high LDL levels. First, gender also affects the level of LDL. Here, usually LDL level will rise up when a woman passes a menopause time. The next, when we are getting older, our health systems also experience decreasing perform. Here, those who have aged 45 years often get a higher risk to face high LDL. Another factor is family – or we say genetics. Parents will inherit genetics to their children. If they have high LDL in their bodies, it is inevitable that their children will get it as well.

 How To Lower LDL Level

There are some ways that we can do to lower the LDL level in our bodies. From question “what does a high LDL mean?”, we must do is we change our lifestyle. Why? Because high LDL can only be faced by doing healthy life. Doing some exercises are the thing that you must do, yet you can’t forget what you consume every day. To help you know about it, we have some information about foods that you should consume. Here, these foods have a capability to reduce LDL level very well. Besides, there are also some benefits that your body can get if you consume these foods.

For foods, you can consume fatty fishes – such as salmon, sardines, or herring, chocolate, nuts, oats, beans, garlic, avocado, spinach, margarine, and also olive oil. Those foods have the capability to lower your bad cholesterol in your body. You don’t need to be worried about the result because your LDL will be completely reduced to the pretty significant level. Besides, there are also beverages that you can consume – such as tea and red wine. After knowing What Does High Ldl Mean, now you can start consuming foods which will help your body lower the LDL level. Don’t waste your time, fight!

How Does The Military Diet Plan Work?

Looking for a diet plan which has a different method? There is a diet plan which has become popular nowadays. It is called military diet – the military diet how it works? As we know, people really need a diet plan which gives a real result. Yup, it is because there are so many diet plans in this world, yet not all people will be suitable to follow one of those. Unlike other diet plans, military diet plan does only need a simple that should be met. Here, to give you information about How The Military Diet Works.

The Military Diet Plan

Before going further, it is better for us to know what is this kind of diet plan. Again, there are so many diet plans which we can choose to be followed. Here, we actually can’t choose every diet plan because there is a possibility that our bodies can be suitable for it. That’s why knowing what diet plan which really does work for our bodies is an important thing.

Here, how well does the military diet work depend on the foods and your strong will? For foods you have to consume, they must contain low calories, carbs, fats, and also protein. This is done to meet nutrients for our bodies and help the process of metabolism becomes more effective.

On the other hand, this military diet is done for only three days. This means, how 3-day military diet works are when you start consuming meals or foods which are suggested and will end on the day four. The 3-days military diet plan has a method that you must follow.

  1. First – day 1, you need to consume a slice of wholegrain toast, a grapefruit, and a cup of coffee or tea for your breakfast. You can also add peanut butter on the toast. For lunch, whole grain toast and protein sources like tuna, egg, etc. Your dinner will be with 3 oz of meat, a banana, an apple, and a cup of ice cream.
  2. For the second day – 3-day military diet works, the breakfast still remains to be the same as the day 1, yet you can also add a banana to your list. Unlike the day 1, you need to consume an egg, a cup of cottage cheese, and also 5 saltine crackers for your lunch. For dinner, you are suggested to consume 2 hotdogs, a carrot, broccoli, a banana, and ice cream for the dessert.
  3. For the last day – day 3, your breakfast menu will be an apple, a slice of cheddar cheese, and 5 saltine crackers. Then, your lunch will be with a slice of wholegrain toast and a boiled egg. Lastly, the dinner that you will have should be with a banana, a tuna, and also a cup of ice cream.

If you have a worry whether the military diet works or not, we can only say that this is a common problem. Here, if you want to really lose your weight, you must set your strong will to reach your goal. Why? Because if you intend to get your weight loss, you must try hard to make it true.

How The Military Diet Works, will be found its answer when you prove that this kind of diet really works. Lastly, you can change the menu because they are flexible.

Tips : How to Lower LDL without Medication

How to lower LDL without medication may the most common question asked by those who have a high level of this bad kind of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a dangerous disease which is able to make complication. So that you need to control your level of cholesterol or lower it if you already got a high level of cholesterol. Cholesterol needs to be healed, but it does not mean you have to consume medications for it. Actually, consuming medications for a long time is dangerous for your kidneys. Here are some tips of lowering LDL cholesterol. 


Working Out

It is mentioned that by working out regularly, it is possible to lower the level of LDL by 5%. You are also able to increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL) by working out regularly. You do not have to do heavy exercise, you just need to work out that can increase your heartbeat. Light exercise such as walking, jogging, or doing even gardening will do. Spare about 30 minutes to 40 minutes every day to exercise.


Get Enough Sleep

A research shows that people who get enough sleep, which is 8 hours a day, has a lower level of cholesterol compared to those who sleep less than 6 hours. Another research mentions that people who sleep in the afternoon more than 30 minutes have a higher level of cholesterol. So the conclusion is, sleep more in the night than in the afternoon.


 Do not Skip Your Breakfast

The next tips on how to reduce LDL without drugs is, do not skip your breakfast. Based on a research which is done by Harvard School Public of Health, people who often skip their breakfasts have a higher risk of getting a heart attack, which has a strong relationship with cholesterol.


Consume Foods which Contain a Lot of Fibers

Foods which contain a lot of fibers are able to lower the level of bad cholesterol significantly. Consume more fruits and vegetables which contain a high level of fibers and also vitamins. Other foods such as fish, seeds, and nuts are also good to lower cholesterol. It will need about 3 weeks to see the effect and result of consuming a lot of fibers to the level of cholesterol in your blood. 


Consume More Broccoli

The next how to lower LDL naturally tip is consuming more broccoli. Broccoli is really good for lowering the high level of cholesterol because it contains a high level of fibers. It is able to help the process of detoxification naturally in your body, so that any toxics inside your body are taken out. A lot of fibers contained in broccoli will make you full for a while so that it is also good for a diet. You are able to boil the broccoli or cook it as a dish. But it will be better if you consume boiled broccoli. It is because the fibers contained in broccoli are still safe by boiling it than if you cook it as a dish. Those are the tips on how to lower LDL without medication.

Normal Range for LDL Cholesterol in Your Blood

A normal range for LDL cholesterol in every person is different. The range of cholesterol in blood is needed to be measured at least once in five years for people who are more than 20 years old. It is very important to know the range of cholesterol in your blood so that you are able to prevent yourself from any diseases which are related to cholesterol. There are some kinds of cholesterol. And each kind of cholesterol has a limit in your body. Here is ideal range for LDL cholesterol.

For Kids


  1. Normal range of total cholesterol in kids’ body is less than 170mg/dl. It is included in a high category if the total cholesterol reaches 200mg.dl.
  2. Normal range of LDL cholesterol ratio is less than 100mg/dl. It can worsen the kids’ health if the LDL cholesterol reaches 130mg/dl. It is included in a high category.
  3. Normal range of HDL cholesterol in kids’ blood is 45mg/dl or more. It is included in the low category if the HDL level is less than 40mg/dl.
  4. For kids with age 0 to 9 years, the normal range of triglycerides is less than 75mg/dl and less than 90mg/dl for kids with age 10 years to 19 years. It is categorized as high level if the triglycerides reach 100mg/dl for kids with age 0 to 9 years and more than 130mg/dl for kids 10 years to 19 years.


For Adults

  1. Normal range of total cholesterol in adults’ blood is less than 200mg/dl. It is included in a high category if the total cholesterol reaches 240mg/dl.
  2. Normal range of LDL cholesterol level is less than 100mg/dl. It will danger your health if the level reaches the number 160mg/dl or more.
  3. Normal range of HDL cholesterol in blood should be 40mg/dl or more. It is included in a low category if the HDL level is less than 40mg/dl in your blood.
  4. Normal range of triglycerides is less than 150mg/dl. It is categorized as high level if the triglycerides reach 200mg/dl.

How to Keep Cholesterol Range Normal

  1. Normal-range-for-ldl-cholesterol-with-foods-that-contain-a-lot-of-fibersConsume foods that contain a lot of fibers. It is because fibers are able to lower the level of the bad kind of cholesterol. Choose healthy fats to consume, such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts. The fats in this kind of foods will not increase the level of LDL in your blood.
  2. Normal-range-for-ldl-cholesterol-with-keep-your-body-weightKeep your body weight in normal number. Obesity tends to increase the level of cholesterol in your blood. It also put you in a higher risk of getting the heart attack.
  3. keep-in-Normal-range-for-ldl-cholesterol-with-exercise-regularlyDo exercise regularly. Spare at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day to work out. Or if it is too much for you, exercise at least 3 times a week. By working out regularly, you will be able to lose some weights, increase the level of HDL and decrease the level of LDL in your blood.
  4. keep-in-Normal-range-for-ldl-cholesterol-with-stop-smokingStop smoking. Because the tobacco contained in cigarettes will increase the level of LDL in your blood.

Those are the normal range for LDL cholesterol.

What Assessed in Lipid Panel with LDL HDL Ratio Test?

Lipid panel with LDL HDL ratio is required to know the amount of LDL and HDL in your body. Your blood and tissues contain a lipid which refers to fats used as energy source for body. However, an excessive amount of lipids can build plaque which may block the artery walls. If so, the blood flow is obstructed by this plaque which leads to the cause of cardiovascular disease and increased stroke risk.

Lipids are formed with two types of cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein or HDL, and low-density lipoprotein or LDL. Sometimes a doctor will suggest you to get lipid panel with LDL HDL ratio blood test to know how cholesterol levels affect your overall health. 

What included in lipid panel test?

When you take lipids blood test, there are several things that will be measured including the total amount of cholesterol in the body, levels of triglycerides, and the amount of LDL and HDL cholesterol. If you choose the more extensive test for this matter, you will also know about VLDL, the ratio of entire cholesterol to HDL, and the ratio between LDL and HDL. The function of lipid profile LDL HDL ratio test is to define whether you have the risk of suffering from heart disease based on the several factors including age, family history, bad habits, healthy habits, blood pressure, and health records. Doctor


The standard amount of cholesterol

Your body needs cholesterol to combine steroid hormones and bile so that it is such an important part of cell membranes. Naturally, the liver can produce cholesterol when you don’t get it from the diet. In fact, too much cholesterol is taken from the daily diet which increases its level more than 200 mg/dL. The overall amount of cholesterol comprises LDL, HDL, and VLDL. It will be better if the result of lipid panel with LDL HDL ratio test showing low total cholesterol level. But, it is important to take a note that the amount of LDL cholesterol level under 50 mg/dL has a risk of lowering hormone levels. This condition might cause problems related to memory as well as cognition. 

The normal level of HDL cholesterol

High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL is popularly stated as good cholesterol due to its ability to remove cholesterol build up in the artery vessel. The higher the amount of HDL, the more effective it is to reduce the risk of getting coronary heart disease. On the contrary, low level of HDL raises the risk of suffering from heart disease which is highly related to the consumption of saturated fats, refined sugars, and carbohydrates. Dormancy, obesity, and smoking habits are also known to lowering HDL levels. The result of lipid panel w/LDL/HDL ratio showing high levels of HDL is contributed by good genetics, healthy living habits, and enough cardiovascular workouts. 

The normal level of LDL cholesterol

Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL is often known as bad cholesterol as it is reserved in arterial vessel and jeopardizes the blood flow. Increased LDL levels are due to dormancy, obesity and sometimes also caused by type II diabetes. Other factors which known to contribute this condition are consumption of refined carbs, artificial sugar, and unhealthy fats. To know how high your LDL cholesterol is, you have to take lipid panel with LDL HDL ratio.