What Assessed in Lipid Panel with LDL HDL Ratio Test?

Lipid panel with LDL HDL ratio is required to know the amount of LDL and HDL in your body. Your blood and tissues contain a lipid which refers to fats used as energy source for body. However, an excessive amount of lipids can build plaque which may block the artery walls. If so, the blood flow is obstructed by this plaque which leads to the cause of cardiovascular disease and increased stroke risk.

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How to Determine the Disease Risk from Risk Ratio LDL HDL

Risk ratio LDL HDL is important if you want to predict how high your risk to suffer from heart disease. Most of the physicians these days held on a notion that knowing non-HDL cholesterol is more beneficial compared to measuring the cholesterol ratio. However, there is another opinion saying that it can be a better predictor for instead of total cholesterol level or bad cholesterol level. Non-HDL cholesterol likes its name is subtracting the good one from the total cholesterol. Hence, it also includes the LDL or bad cholesterol.

Determining the number of HDL and LDL

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What Does LDL Mean and Result from LDL Test?

What does LDL mean perhaps can be understood if you know about cholesterol previously? Cholesterol refers to a fatty substance which has soluble characteristic so that it cannot be carried by the blood. However, this condition can be solved by the body by binding this cholesterol with the certain type of protein so that it can transport various types of fats including cholesterol and triglycerides. The binding of fats and protein are known as lipoprotein and Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL is one of the lipoproteins found in our body. The information about LDL level in the body is important is important to know the risk of getting cardiovascular disease.


The meaning of LDL cholesterol

Not all of the cholesterols are considered as bad and it is actually required by your body. Daily diet can be the sources of some cholesterol while the other amount is produced by your liver. Fats are soluble and disable to solve in the blood. That’s why there is a protein which helps to transport it and the combination of both are named with lipoprotein. When talking about what does LDL mean in medical terms, it is actually a microscopic substance that formed by an outer edge of lipoprotein and center part of cholesterol. LDL is popularly known as bad cholesterol since it results on a plaque which blocks the arteries and this condition likely leads to heart attacks and strokes. 


Determining LDL cholesterol test result

Although heart attack cannot be predicted but elevated LDL level are known as the higher contribution of heart disease. The only effective way to solve that condition is lowering the LDL level in the body. Having the discussion with the doctor is important to decide the strategies for lowering LDL level by a particular percentage. To figure it out, doctor commonly recommends taking a test. After taking a test and know what does LDL mean in a blood test, a doctor can explain to you about how high the risk of heart disease or stroke you may have. In the test, there are several factors that included in the considerations such as age, blood pressure, smoking habit, and medication consumption. Other health problems like diabetes or heart disease usually also put into considerations. When the result is known, a doctor will help to plan changes in your lifestyle or medications not only to decrease this bad cholesterol level but also to counter all the risks. 


Efforts to Perform

What does low LDL cholesterol mean can be realized by reducing LDL levels? You have to consume more foods with little-saturated fat, cholesterol, as well as simple carbohydrates. The level of LDL also can be dropped by adding fiber and plant sterols into your daily diet. Having regular exercises both making heart pumps better and reduce this bad cholesterol level. Besides healthy foods and enough exercise, doctors often advise medications. There is a certain type of medication which helps to reduce the amount if cholesterol from food intake. Other medications help to block protein that disturbs the liver work in removing LDL from the blood. You have to note that other factors also can contribute to high LDL levels such as diabetes, obesity, and lack of exercise so that those affect what does ldl calculated mean.